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BabyView is Durham Region’s original and most trusted 3D ultrasound company.

BabyView™ 3D ultrasounds provide you with the extraordinary ability to bond with your baby. Your heart will melt as you glimpse the precious life that has been created within. At BabyView™, we intimately understand the joy, excitement and trepidation you are feeling. You are certain to have an unforgettable experience. No scan is ever routine and no two are ever alike; your scan will be personalized for you and your baby to treasure for years to come.

Our studio is equipped with flat-screen video monitors for a comfortable viewing either in, or separate from, the scanning room. This allows you to invite family and friends to share in this exciting and unforgettable experience while maintaining your privacy. “It is the friendly, personalized service that BabyView™ provides to every person that walks in the door that distinguishes BabyView™ from other 3D companies.

“As with any service industry, it is the people providing the service that distinguishes one like business from another. Essentially, the technology and equipment used to produce the 3D & 4D ultrasound images is the same from location to location. It is the friendly, personalized service that BabyView provides to every person that walks in the door that puts BabyView miles ahead of other locations. My team and I love what we do, we have a lot of fun and we all share in the celebration of the parents and their families and friends. I believe this is the reason BabyView is the recommended choice amongst many local Obstetricians and Physicians for 3D ultrasounds in the Durham Region,Toronto and surrounding areas.”


Ultrasound is performed by Certified Sonographers.



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