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Congratulations to Shannon and Scott, the winners of our April BabyView of the Month contest.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

How did you feel about your 3D ultrasound?

We were both very excited about the 3D ultrasound. We could not wait to meet our baby girl (and confirm that she was in fact a girl).

Describe some of you feelings and overall experience at BabyView?

The 3D ultrasound was incredibly emotional for both of us! The moment that the screen changed and we got to see what our girl looks like was indescribable.

Does your baby have any siblings?


Who are the other family members awaiting your baby’s arrival?

Mom’s Side: Grandparents Tim & Diane, Great Grandma Rita, Aunt Heather
Dad’s Side: Grandparents Myles & Mary-Beth, Aunt Jen & Uncle Ewan, Uncle Brent & Aunt Kelly.

Does your baby have a name yet?

Yes, we have named her! But we are keeping it secret until the day she arrives!

Where will your baby’s first home be?

Our babies first home will be in Thornhill, Ontario

Did you think your baby resembled anyone in your family?

She looked both like Daddy and Aunt Heather

What are your hopes and dreams for your baby’s future?

We hope that she is a healthy, strong little girl that is happy and motivated to follow her dreams.