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WIN a Sleeping BabyCakes!!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

During the month of July BabyView is holding a contest for a chance to win a Sleeping Baby BabyCake!  This diaper cake includes a soft, cotton sleeper with matching cap, and a pacifier.  Chelsea can customize it to any colour of your choice. Check her out on Facebook to view all her products.!/ChelseasBabyCakes

Baby Soap Alert!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

A new study is raising red flags about the use of popular baby soaps on newborns after an increase in the number of newborns testing positive for marijuana, which prompted research and a more thorough investigation, reports.

According to the MSNBC article, “urine samples that contained minute amounts of any five baby soaps — Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, J&J Bedtime Bath, CVS Nighttime Baby Bath, Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Wash Shampoo — gave a positive result on a drug screening test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana.”

Researchers say the “amount of soap in the urine needed to produce a positive result was tiny, less than 0.1 milliliters,” MSNBC reports. The findings, published in the June issue of the journal Clinical Biochemistry, emphasize that the baby soaps “do not produce a ‘high’ or any other effects of marijuana in infants.”

Nurses at a North Carolina hospital first reported the rising number of positive tests in newborns, which sparked the investigation by researchers. It’s being taken very seriously by researchers because a screening test “that indicates a baby has been exposed to marijuana can lead to involvement of social services and accusations of child abuse,” MSNBC reports.

“We really did this to help protect families from being falsely accused of drug use,” says study researcher and pediatrician Carl Seashore, M.D., of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, as quoted by MSNBC.

Researchers are still unclear why the soaps are triggering positive marijuana tests, only noting that some of the compounds in the products have a structure that is similar to THC, “or it could be that the chemicals in the soap change the way the test works.” The test came back negative when a more sensitive test was used on the urine samples with soap that first registered positive for marijuana.
It’s important to know the ingredients of the products you use — especially when expecting and beyond.

Thanks for Maria Vega at Fit for this article.

Birth Photography? Is it for you?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Birth photography. You mention it to
people, and they either get it, or they don’t.

You mention it to people, and they either get it, or they don’t. Some people will call you all kinds of crazy. Birth photography is certainly not for everybody. But for those folks who do choose to document their birth in photos and who appreciate the art, beauty, and storytelling of birth photography – these images will be their most cherished. The ones they run to rescue from a fire. The ones that survive generations. The ones that bring ears to their eyes. Every. Single. Time.

Having been on both ends of the camera during the birth process, I can tell you how incredibly beautiful these images are to a family. I only have a couple snapshots from my oldest kids’ births, but they are still the most amazing, beautiful photos of two of the most important days of my life. However, I would give anything to go back in time and have a birth photographer tell our story of those days. All those tiny details I will never be able to remember, that were lost in the momentum of the day. When I was pregnant with my third child, I knew that I had to document the story of his birth more completely. Hiring a birth photographer is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ever. So why would a family choose to hire a birth photographer, instead of having a family member snap away? Simple. A birth photographer will capture all those little details that will otherwise be forgotten. The look of relief on mom’s face when she’s made it through another contraction. The clock two hours in, seven hours in. Grandma, waiting patiently in the hallway. A hand of support on mom’s shoulder. Dad’s face when he makes the first
phone call announcing the birth. All of those small moments that would slip by, unnoticed. These photos, woven together, tell the story of the birth day.

A birth photographer will also free up everybody else at the birth to support mom. After the baby is born, dad can focus all of his attention on mom and the baby, and enjoy those first incredible moments knowing that the story is being

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Monday, June 18th, 2012

Welcome to the world Baby Anjali!!






Hi There!

I just wanted to send a quick thank you! We are both so happy to have gotten a peek at our little man today! We will definitely be back in the third trimester to see how much he has grown! It’s not very often that I have people be so understanding (and be so helpful) with my disability (especially medical professionals) so that really made both mine and Tyson’s day.

Thanks again! Rose & Tyson


Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you again for our wonderful appointment yesterday.
The experience was just incredible. Your business is just outstanding and I can’t wait to recommend it to all of my friends who are becoming future mommies!  Thank you for making us feel so special.  It was so nice seeing someone who, you can tell, absolutely loves their job and works to make everyone’s ultrasound one they will remember forever. 
I am such a visual person that I really did need yesterday for this to sink in and feel real. Now I am beyond excited. I can’t help smiling every time I feel a kick. 
I really hope I will be visiting again with Mike for an ultrasound later in our pregnancy! 
Sincerely, Andrea B

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The typical pregnant woman will gain about 27 pounds. Here is the breakdown:

baby - 7lbs

body water - 4lbs

placenta - 1lb

extra  blood - 3lbs

amniotic  fluid - 2lbs

uterus - 2lbs

breasts - 1 lb

fat stores - 7lbs


Monday, June 11th, 2012

The severity of morning sickness is not an indicator of the gender of you baby. That just a myth. Don’t go out and buy and blue or pink wardrobe just yet!

Obstetrician, Doula or Midwife??

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

I came across this article in Canada Parent Expecting Spring Edition and wanted to share with you.  Although it’s not the article in it’s entirety I wanted to give you my Cole’s notes on it’s contents.


It used to be simple. You went to your family doctor, pregnancy was confirmed and then you were sent to an obstetrician - a physician specializing in the management of pregnancy and childbirth. Canadian women now have more options when it comes to their prenatal care and birthing experience.

Midwives, are trained to be experts in healthy, normal pregnancies and uncomplicated births. Though not all province’s have regulated  midwifery, midwives are able to deliver babies at home or in birthing centres. Midwives are available 24/7 and get more personalized care.  They will talk a woman through the birthing process, offering encouragement, a reassuring voice, aiding with massage and other methods of birthing without medication. If medication is needed, a hospital anaesthetist can perform an epidural and if unforeseen complications arise, a midwife will call for immediate medical consultation and/or intervention.

Midwives along with obstetricians can schedule prenatal visits at appropriate intervals, record medical history, perform clinical exams, check the health of mother and monitor fetal development. Both can arrange for routine lab and diagnostic testing and can order fetal screening tests.

Obstetricians, are trained to monitor high-risk pregnancies, women with medication complications and those carrying multiple babies. They are also able to prescribe medication and intervene to perform surgical procedures such as c-sections.

Doulas’ practices are not regulated in any province across Canada, though there is a world-wide doula organization, DONA International which certifies.  Fees are set by the doula, meaning parents pay out-of-pocket for services.  A doula is attendant at births as a non-medical, add-on professional support person. The doula provides emotional support, facilitates communication between caregivers and the birthing mom, and sees to a woman’s general physical comfort by managing all the non-technical, non-medical aspects of delivery.  After delivery, a doula often stays with the new mom for a couple more hours to help her achieve success with breastfeeding.

Check out your options and what’s available in your community. Your medical and emotional needs are very important to ensure you and your baby will be in the best-trained hands.